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At Best In Town Towing Lebanon we provide full towing services, roadside assistance, and auto transport services to Lebanon, Pennsylvania and surrounding cities. Call us now for help with any of the following services:

Call now for an immediate response. We operate several trucks in the area and work to dispatch immediately so that a driver can get to you as soon as possible. It only takes a minute or two for us to assess your needs and let one of our operators your location so he can make his way to you. Get help now!

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Specially Trained & Certified Tow Truck Drivers

We work with Lebanon AAA and highway authorities regularly, so we understand proper protocols and processes. Our goal is to help you out of your stressful situation as smoothly and quickly as possible.

We have extremely satisfied customers as we take pride in our service standards. Our operators are trained at the highest levels of towing, transportation, hazard and safety and understand how to navigate the most complicated of scenarios.

Our tow truck drivers are licenced and insured and have extensive experience under their belts. Call today to get assistance from one of our specialists.


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What Are The Typical Rates?

Many factors can affect pricing including what type of vehicle, geographic location, time of day, and mechanical condition. Usually there is a fixed hook up rate plus the price per mile covered that doesn’t include extra charges for mechanical issues or unusual circumstances. Our company offers reasonable and competitive prices as well as adhere to industry pricing standards.

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Private Property Impounding

Do you own a private car parking zone and have problems with abandoned vehicles, for sale vehicles, fire lane violations or cars parking in spots in which they’re not assigned? We also offer expert junk vehicle removal, vehicle impounds and personal property towing services.

Heavy Duty Towing

We offer fast and affordable heavy duty towing services for your RV, box truck or big rig. Our superior equipment includes heavy duty tow trucks required to tow heavy equipment and other objects that weigh more than 10,000 lbs.

Want to transport or tow a box truck or RV for 10-100 miles? Whether you need your vehicle towed for ten miles or one hundred miles, our long distance vehicle towing services are at your disposal and our experts are ready to assist you. Our heavy-duty equipment coordinated with experienced operators will make the job look like a snap. 

Wrecker & Accident Removal

Need your vehicle towed immediately? We will send out an available tow truck closest to your locations. We have many class A licensed and CDL drivers for you. As our fleet is large there is hopefully a good chance one of our operators is close by for fast help.

If you want to have a larger vehicle towed or winched, our team of experts are always available to give you a hand. If you are in the north or south county areas of San Diego, we guarantee you don’t have to look further than for a tow truck operator that knows his stuff.

Long Distance

What qualifies as long distance towing? Short distance towing services typically are not as complicated as long distance towing services, and hence the method required to move a vehicle isn’t usually that important. Conversely, towing for longer distances usually requires more care regarding method and vehicle type While a car dolly is perfectly adequate to move a vehicle across town to your local repair shop or dealer, longer distances may need something more robust.

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Which tow truck type will I need for my vehicle?

Often, flatbed/light-duty towing trucks are more than capable of handling small jobs such as small trucks, etc. We can also supply heavy duty equipment to handle semi-trucks, RVs, and motorhomes and our flatbed tow truck operators are highly skilled in handling all types of towing and vehicle shipping.