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For Property Managers And Owners We Offer Private Property Impound & Towing Services

Your interest in our private property towing services is much appreciated by the entire Best in Town Towing team.

Our top rated Lebanon private property impound service is aimed at ensuring that businesses and residents can get to the parking garages and spots they have been assigned; to this end we spare no resources.

Call us today, speak to one of our representatives, remove any vehicle occupying private property or request immediate assistance.

We serve the following areas of focus:

  • Properties Designated For Commercial Or Retail Use
  • Communities Designed For Multi-Family Use
  • Towing Of Abandoned Vehicles
  • Conducting 24/7 Courtesy Patrols
  • Issuing/Enforcing Warning Stickers
  • Implementing/Enforcing Parking Permit System
  • Implementing/Enforcing A Tag Tow System
  • Initiating A Paint System
  • Putting Up The Necessary Signs
  • Towing Junk Cars

We offer Private Property Towing Contracts at no cost. We aim to help you properly manage your property with our vehicle impound service. We offer to help keep your property’s exits, entrances, fire lanes, stenciled red zones, reserved spaces and fire hydrants clear when requested by management.

As for the vehicles being towed, we guarantee safe transportation by using advanced towing equipment and skilled and experienced tow truck operators.

Furthermore, we will install, for free, the necessary “tow away” signage at your property. Before the removal of any vehicles, the property owner or manager will have to sign the necessary forms authorizing the impound action.

call now: 717-229-6516

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